solubility rules

solubility rules - CO32 SO32 PO43 OH(Ba(OH2 S2(II also...

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1) Group I Metals & NH4+ always soluble (KClO4, Li3PO4 exceptions) 2) Halide soluble (except Ag, Hg, Pb) 3) NO3-, ClO3-, ClO4-, CH3CO2- (except Be(CH3COO)2) always soluble Insoluble Set (except as given in soluble set)
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Unformatted text preview: CO32-, SO32-, PO43-, OH- (Ba(OH2), S2- (II also soluble) Two weird ones: F- II insoluble SO42- Most soluble except II, Ag, Pb, Hg insoluble (MgSO4 exception)...
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