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Essay 6 - eyes wide open realizes that his life was not...

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The man rounds the corner of the dark alley, passing what used to be known as the Church of Christ in “ancient” times. But these days’ people refer to it simply as the Berth of Terror. His entire life has been plagued by a simple question, a question of his existence and his purpose. This society of enlightened intellectuals has shoved a load of garbage down his throat since his youth, but he has done well to recognize its impotence. He walks up to the doors of the now evicted and empty building, when he sees an engraving empowered over the dusty arch of the double doors, its message engrosses his mind entirely. “Identity is it an entity describing who you’ll be Does it include amenity or serenity or none of these? Is it of this world confused and broken living the life of obscenity Know he says, be a friend of me and have the trinity And consequentially live on for infinity I figured if I told u maybe then you’d see” He can’t help but question himself, or better, what he thought was he. He reads it again,
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Unformatted text preview: eyes wide open, realizes that his life was not what he thought it was, not even close. Something in this simple slang spit from a preacher in the days of old has grasped him, touched him in a way he can not describe, indescribable, uncontainable. What if life was not about the who what when where or how but instead, about how you live right now. Society always proscribed that the problem was The Church, not accepting, judging, and serving the God of some. He knew, he was sure, more, there was something more to describe this phenomenon of what is called life. The hurt and the pain originating from thousands of years of playing the game the wrong way, it all seemed so simple now. Life is not about him, when living for himself he is insignificant, his existence is trivial at best. Christ, the answer to all of life’s problems and solutions....
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