26 315 painting in rue laffitte see fig 14 also lived

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Unformatted text preview: ere a part of the Hotel Lambert and given were able to stay at Chenonceau, the du Blanc, and the Chateau de Schalles 2003 is an exhaustive the representation of women from the Renaissance and 1757); 265, and 249; and "Chan 30-31. study of as vestals forward. , 5 5. Cinq Siecles d'Art, Tome V' Sections Etran geres, Pays-Bas, France, Angleterre, Hongrie, 24 Mai-13 47. at 1733); de Maison-Rouge and Venus, Nattier, 1999, tilly," 1999, Claude de Clermont 283 (Adelaide making knots, 1756; with a music book, 1758). that this work is the portrait referred to in the letter and thus dates to friend (Mme. 268-69 as Diane, Guibert, Dupin purchased marquisate du Blanc, in the Berry region near the Rochefort area. The Dupins' son Chateau as a frontispiece). Nattier, 1999, attin-, is reasonable 46. In 1738, 1884, unsigned, undated version of this work is in a private collection in Connecticut Rous and teacher of her son (Villeneuve-Guib 42. with a bass viol, the various portraits similar to R. Howard, Octobre, Catalogue (Brussels, 93-94, no. 961. The The Vestal-Virgin, or the Roman Ladies: A Tragedy (London, 1665); Chevalier de Mailly, Anecdote, ou, Histoire n, exh. cat., 1935), secrete des vestales (Paris, tient un brule-parfum," 1700); La fausse Lafausse catalogue states, "La princesse vetue de blanc est representee en vestale; elle and mentions 35 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Virgin Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts an inscription on the reverse, "Louise Diane d'Orleans (Mademoiselle de Char de Conty, septieme tres), princesse Due royaume) bon." The d'Orleans work is described to M. J. Schmidt as belonging (81 x 64 cm, signed and dated 1733), formerly in the collections of the due d'Orleans (son of the regent), the duchesse King Louis-Philippe, Vendome, and the Princess d'Orleans. de Huard Genevieve 1930, 129, no. 136, cites a signed unknown woman as a vestal in the due de Vendome collection, which may be the same. 56. Indicateur de la Ga...
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