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36 this work and costume of her as louise henriette

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Unformatted text preview: igate which, the face shown another, at painting as the building's A portrait Dupin?44 suggest the tenu was later the home incorrectly, of events. as a Vestal either depict the Czartoryski figure, a curving The improbable, different Lambert Madame chain surely are two, admittedly Might 9) might (Fig. of a Woman identified, been inhabitant, by Nattier But the cos a slimmer arches. former with have which Hotel Czartoryski.43 point Portrait but there The possibilities. Nattier's Dupin, or Henriette, of Prince or the in common face of the lady in the Detroit longer, the characteristic Henriette are notably shows different The paintings. king's collection draperies. version indicates work, grander either and pose of receding face is clearly materials painting background rior with an aisle also ous, on as Madame portraits Infante the same Primoli has much in the Detroit elaborate slimmer, show certainly the tight bodice i): Fig. The of substantially in the Count of the sitter's setting the more other as their in a larger some and the Detroit whose drawing painting, existed as well for a work this argument.5' supports (see Caze once composition, their signatures given a preparatory Research and of Figure 9 Lam by Voltaire, provides and no Engraving after Jean-Marc Nattier,Madame Dupin, published 1884; original painting: probably 1736; oil on canvas, 54.6 * 44.5 cm. Painting in a private collection, Hartford,Conn. Czartoryski 27 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Virgin Bulletin of the Detroit were who priestesses of the hearth, ten under vice, ten teaching The is meant painting girls spent were They thirty years; if the vow punishments they would be buried A number texts were of short but in France the subject,47 due lar after 1725 more Ancient as well as his other 2-3), Figs. the 1725-34 Loo each were made don's bronze in the same and unmarried, depicted 1760 and was of Louis although painting had de herself when of this work, 1733,55 should exhibition but identifies d'Orleans, The...
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