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Unformatted text preview: m the woman were dates however, Czartoryski and collec unclear. appearance tal virgin and likely and La scenario, unlikely Caze Caze de Villeneuve and then painting painting the La thus remains in Louise-Henriette's of the sitters is different: and brown Madame and and intelligence. noted tion of the Detroit painting of La Huard, made work, lids, and other in the faces painting, the Villeneuve in the Detroit identifying this rejection The the Detroit a highly The made work, Czartoryski, else. compari was are less lidded painting as Salmon Moreover, painting that the painting with a larger pouty, With seen For it appears mouth, only which the Czartoryski the dissimilarity given the Villeneuve its face and of that lady in Stockholm's elsewhere.36 this work, and costume of her as Louise-Henriette of Louise-Henriette, of quickness have of the less attrac through and nose, those besides reproduces.4' to identify as Dupin of their typical and altogether able The in the comte formerly and it is certainly tion, been and of one is one that the engraving at the Salons a portrait of Louise-Henriette.37 in the Detroit those for the court be rejected and (1744) without daughters. as Dupin hairline, eyes, with larger are dissimilar. mentions Czartoryski is portrait in the archival portrait chin—although more exist between in an engrav reproduced its shape, the frontal the turn of the head that Huard in the the sitter to be someone images go the suggestion also than also a sitter slender, it is the lack faces is painting XV's not shown identification must woman was shows 1999 Nationalmuseum and shown more its being wider de Bourbon-Conti inte shows of Louis commissions work features—jowly, son with other chin against tive countenances—that Salmon's the chin but primarily daughters, temple moreover, for the Detroit the fact that the Detroit facial and to Nattier's relating ing, and that of Detroit—in of Dupin admittedly similarities Many in this painting, and Detroit from the woman double large of evidence mit...
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