61 a woman the woman authenticity of marie louise

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Unformatted text preview: and the addition original the edge of the column, the main figure sides hand Also, areas, is visible ground ish cast, not entirely over right shoulder artist's had between explicable above brushstrokes and painting, and it is reasonable exact area is hidden painting, made after the Eu study, the artist had some no indication caused work of those evidence aspects of the of her in the Eu that in the present or a previous depicting of her proper of a veil, on her proper by the brazier difficulty a whit Additionally, to assume done. composition what drapery as to the placement This left hand, by the transparency mauve right is not as well her arm, apparently clothing. x-ray shows her proper as unfinished. the it may also analysis changed, in room—to and proper whereas been the purple and indecision visual face, decolletage, the work to view can be seen more similar head this area. The left foot.64 One died in 1734, is known painting the pose in 1762: and original his portrait in 1748 his life, he had painting later.68 Salmon dence, The small show earlier one he used her brother, floor paving on his and, of at the end works in his studio. of the Detroit of his having started only to finish it much upon the affinity of the small it not for the date one be tempted painting, period figures and once present the Detroit in 1732 where strongly background sandaled similar 30 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions in 1759.69 work vignettes in many is very close to the de Lambesc and for the Mademoiselle that lady's recall Pru have in the Detroit sitter's pose to date that it might only to be finished with small of of Justice, paintings the possibility earlier, with those painting would of Nattier's broaching affinities works, distinct with a bass viol in 1754; the possibility in completed based Tocque, finished earlier, also that were decades vestal clear He and noted Force, started started and his fam in the Raleigh it in the 1737-43 been it The details figures works and of Lou...
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