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70 and the recent research on nattiers portrait of a

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Unformatted text preview: Arts Pun des 'pisteurs' Notes works come out of a long tradi tion of French portraiture, and both Lar of Louis gillierre and Rigaud favorite art procurers Nattier's column, discovered, pedes tal, swathes of drapery and of costume, obliquely angled pose, turn of head, and receding architectural setting complete with Ionic capitals in Rigaud's 1701 por trait were influential for Nattier in the 5. that recedes background curving ele columns, swathes lar architectural elements of Lord Hertford— in the chin (heavier), 9. known as Madame Infante (1727-59), after her marriage to Infante Philip of Spain in 1739 and as duchess of Parma "Dono Whitcomb a Detroit," Sele Arte ber 18 J2, lot i, as "Portrait Duchesse confusion sale, Paris, 20 Decem en pied de la de Berry. Elle est assise dans un likely stems from its 1926 exhi bition at the museum, when owned by Wildenstein. temple au font duquel brule du feu sur un autel." (Full-length portrait of the duch reference. Mitigating against this iden de Berry" tification, the title "Duchesse was held in the eighteenth century only 710-19, during 1710—19, 1770—74, and 1776—78, 770-74, 776-78, dates that do not conform to the painting. 3. P. Burty, ed., Catalogue de tableaux et dessins de I'Ecole fran$aise principalement du XVIII' siecle tire's de collections d'amateurs et exposes au profit de la Caisse de secours des Artistes Peintres, Sculpteurs, Architectes et Dessinateurs, 2d ed. (Paris, 212, as in the "Collection 44, no. d'un amateur." i860), 8. It was exhibited as Sophie 2-20 December 1926 at the DIA, Exhibition of Old Masters, French Paintings of the Eighteenth Century [Detroit Insti tute of Arts, exh. cat., 1926], frontispiece, foreword, n.p., cat. 40), on loan from Felix Wildenstein. It was also published national Studio 85, no. 355 (December 1926): J3, and when exhibited, in Hearst's possession, in 1939 (W. Heil, Masterworks of Five Centuries, Official Catalog, Depart ment of Fine Arts, Division of European Gate International also J. Hedley, "Le quatrieme marquis de Hertford (1800-1870), Paris et le docteur ings (New York, exh. cat., 1948), n.p., in a list of paintings Wildenstein sold to Louis U.S. La Caze in La Col (1798-1869)," sition, San Francisco, museums (my thanks to J. Baillio for this reference). and S. Eloy (Pa...
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