L 2 125 no 76 says elisabeth morte le 3 decembre 1759

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Unformatted text preview: in a letter to her from the Abbe de Guibert works and provides no justification as to why he calls the Czartoryski and La Caze most prominent (d. 1863, Chenonceau reference to her text before his death in early 1743). Vestals in ancient Rome were the of Madame grandnephew 16, 269 (for 1884, the Abbe de Saint-Pierre's engraving is the frontispiece to G. de Villeneuve-Guibert's book; he is the who inherited 52"72 51. Villeneuve-Guibert and formerly in that of the comte de Villeneuve (probably that reproduced these I997)> The grandson Soulni He does not reproduce Bulletin, 1943, Quarterly, 1943, The became 45. of Madame by him in 1884 the photograph is repro duced in his catalogue only as it shows Wallace's eighteenth-century desk, which first seeing a color image of the Detroit work in Gamier 1999. 39. Huard Inv. no. 53.276. coincidental; work to be Louise he was convinced Henriette; 48. 26, 315). painting in rue Laffitte (see Fig. 14), also lived in the Hotel Lambert but that is as Louise-Henriette based on facial features) in July 2007, Salmon indicated that he also no longer the Detroit et sur les vestales"; Henry Brooke's 1778 The Vestal Virgin: A Tragedy, and Gaspare Spontini's 1807 opera La Vestale. 50. with me (unconvinced of an identification iicie, play Ericie, or the Vestal and his essay of the same year, "Essai sur le feu sacre de Rochefort 142. In conversation believes Chateau and early nineteenth 1768 49. 43. 44. 38. the late eighteenth the during her lifetime (Villeneuve-Guibert 1884, Guibert 37. to connect by xMadame Dupin after a fire, and the Hotel Lambert was sold repeated by N. Gamier in "Nattier et les princes de Conde," Dossier de I'Art 62 (November centuries, with J. G. Dubois-Fontanelle's 1707). As a literary subject the theme continued well into family with Henri Rochefort, who found the Detroit painting for Lord Hertford, of names is although the coincidence painting. as well as in "Chantilly," vestale (Amsterdam, Dupin Nolhac Caze 36. In 1752, they bore Madame a grandson, Claude-Sophie Dupin de Rochefo...
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