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Lady dilke sur nattier 11 1894 prost discusses

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Unformatted text preview: copies," been completed by 1758 had still not (Prost 1894, 33 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Virgin Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts 438) nor by 1760 per a payment record of 10 December 1760, cited by Nolhac 1895, 43. P. Renard, Jean-Marc (1685-1766), that the Infante had in her reversed as the painting is vertical. The sale catalogues of 1975 (Palais Galliera, possession. Nattier Un artiste parisien a la cour de Louis XV(Saint-Remy-en-l'Eau, 1999), 132, states that Nattier finished this por trait of Henriette of Henriette "dont la tete avait ete disposee pour etre habillee en vestale" and kept it for some years in his studio, 2 December, 2 5. Catalogue de Tableaux Anciens composant I'interessante Vinteressante collection de M. Roxard de la Salle (de Nancy) (Hotel Drouot, cat., Monday, 28 March 1881), 24: "Madame Paris, sale 17, no. but does not provide a date other than to Frauengestalt. Priesterinnen der Gottin Vesta in der bildenden Kunst von der Renaissance De grandeur naturelle, assise, vue a mi-jambes, les cheveux imply this happened releves et poudres, believes post-i7j7. Renard that this work was of the same XV, en Vestale. epaules, Detroit gauche, however, believes manteau couronne. is the replica Nattier painted of the 1751 overdoor of Henriette as a vestal with verte et des colonnes. (Salmon, Nattier, 1999, 227, fig. 1); Engerand 1901, 347 48, shows that this work was purchased for 1,300 livres. Which composition is referred to for this work is not clear; in the 1760s, Nattier may have signed and dated a replica of the Sotheby's composi tion that was on the New York art market in 1988. [Ex-] Collection Nattier, 1999, the 1975 and 1994 sales it was catalogued as "Madame Dupin." An advertisement du de Boissy. Toile. Haut., 1 m. 31 cent.; larg., 91 cent." Prost 1894, 444, mentions this sale but does not describe for the December marquis 1975 sale in Connais sance des Arts no. 284 (October esArts 1975): the matter further, identifying her as Madame Adelaide and giving the dimensions as 79 by 64 centimeters; this error was corrected in the sale catalogue. 26.. It is nonetheless 6 possible that some may have been intended to sho...
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