Location unknown last known at sothebys london 1967

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Unformatted text preview: l painted and face of the sitter are identical ette with the bass the many or to another with head (see complica 5), and it is important and additionally for a large for years and his dating portrait by Bernard work was stud readily were from Nolhac's of Madame which Caze in 174921 in preparation and scale person. in 1881.20 at Compiegne the year before, to clarify the painting's The at Compiegne," were with the added derive the year earlier only refer to the La Nat to try to match of them his identification for a "portrait for portraits of Henriette this painting published commission exists archival good scholars the half-length based eighteenth-century Henriette. as Henriette understand to several too, however, to 1749 painting to it.19 Nolhac ment of and connection of the king— daughters; lacunae, identification collection many to differentiate, that reproduces Caze better by issues La about portraits, as a Vestal in the late nineteenth and portraits the Infante 4).18 The a testament encouraging These difficult francs. of these as well. to those; notoriously The sitter must works of a Woman daughters the king's not without Richardson's authorship.17 The for the court, expecting sale than albeit extant Marcel bought centuries other ied at Versailles. with the infor at 60,000 the comments information, of Raoux, suggestion estimated women evidence, a that lady (Fig. and Victoire—is early twentieth Immediately it was to" Nattier, and French Portrait very little was known of the Detroit in two separate that sale, as "attributed been and surprised, his mouth. to" Nattier, and mentioned following Nattier at 30,000 In the Seligmann is "attributed illustrated and painting Henriette, Sophie, Nattier's with three tier made Seligmann it. It has been piece."15 of art ordered for it." Gimpel seen on Nattier, had of it for 80,000 francs It is only a studio logue, Jonas, to open painted on to show circumstances: "A bargain— He the price "I have the painting work time 1,800,000 footnote: lightly at the Jac...
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