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Measuring 432 by 25 54 inches 2j 8128 x 6540 cm farl

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Unformatted text preview: rt. Given present research, it would be speculation in Nattier Rochefort. Nattier's Dupin, and lived women to hold public positions. 52. Villeneuve-Guibert 1884, 11). A painting of Madame by an unnamed artist, is men discourse, 1884, 195 et seq.; Dupin, this would 241-56. j 5 3. Were she Madame dated from Paris, 2 August 1736: I73<^: "Je vous porte des petits paquets, mais pour le portrait la peinture est trop imply that Nattier created a separate head study of her, as the turn of head is not the that the La Caze fraiche, on ne le peut faire partir que dans portrait. Nattier most often based mul considered un mois; il est ici, ou il seche a l'ombre: tiple portraits, in different costumes, of the same woman on a single head study, paintings Madame Dupin, noting only painting is "wrongly Madame Henriette" and is a partial replica of the Czartoryski 40. Saint-Pierre, L'Isle-Adam exh. cat. 2000, work. same as the frontal view of the Villeneuve c'est une des belles copies que j'aie vues, plut a Dieu que vous eussiez un ou deux 12. G. de enfants d'une her great-great grandnephew, in Le portefeuille de Madame Dupin, dame de Chenonceaux (Paris, 1884), caractere Villeneuve-Guibert, aussi aimable aussi doux que PoriginaP' leneuve-Guibert as discussed figure et d'un above for Henriette that of La Caze, and the painting in the Gallery, Parma; for just a few of many other examples, see Salmon, Nat (Vil 173-74, appends a footnote saying that he believes this to be the Nattier portrait that he possesses National 3, states that her father was xM. Louis tier, 1999, 79, 81 (Mile, Guillaume 41. and reproduces Chantilly, 1729; and as a Sultana, 224 (Ae Infante in 1749 de Fontaine. Villeneuve-Guibert 1884, 1-14. seau began working as secretary to Madame Dupin and her husband in 1742, and declared his love to her in 1743; rebuffed, he remained a devoted ert 1884, (Salmon, An 212-13, 1750); 114, fig. 3), and it to believe, with Villeneuve 1736. 54. 20, 332, 334-39). 1756; Salmon, the married in 1751, and the couple w...
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