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Unformatted text preview: making her appear de slimmer. la vie de M. Nattier, peintre et professeur royale de peinture et de sculpture par sa fille, Mile Nattier l'ainee, in Memoires ine epouse de M. Tocque," dits sur la vie et les ouvrages des membres 74. In the Detroit painting there is a confus ing passage here where the descending white veil meets (and perhaps creates) her white overcape (the two may be read as one piece of material) and the purple de l'Academie royale de peinture et de sculp ture publies d'apres les manuscrits conserves mauve cloth that surrounds a I'Ecole imperiale des Beaux-Arts, ed. L. Dussieux et al (Paris, 1854), 2: 356. obscured by the transparent white of the veil/cape. In the Los Angeles work, the copyist has painted the veil and dress in 63. Collection des livrets des anciennes expositions depuis 1673 jusqu'en 1800, Exposition de (Paris, exh. cat., 1869), '159 yellow, giving her a separate light blue cape and making the surrounding drap 14, no. 14: Vestale. Tableau de quatre pieds & demi de large, sur quatre pieds de haut." ery darker blue. He has not, however, understood her costume, as he has made "Une the top of her dress on her proper right shoulder white (as in the Detroit work); holes are visible at the bottom of 64. Tacking the canvas, filled in with paint; none are seen on the top of the canvas. Ackerman likewise the large fold of drapery, white in the Detroit painting, bunched up on the with me (Novem socle, he has made blue, whereas that the sitter's proper right foot is further forward in the final version ess of Berry, clothed in a fur coat and white headdress by Louis de Silvestre at Versailles dal straps, previously following the Detroit strictly painting it should have been yellow, as it is part of her dress. compared also includes a long gallery columns and illumi flanked by square nated with light from the left, but no fire or altar. 61. J. Vatout, Catalogue historique et descrip tif des tableaux appartenans a S. A. S. Mgr. to the x-ray. He reasonably posit...
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