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New hammer who with a gift of funds sub and hearst

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Unformatted text preview: an identification ultimately In 1982, ing a new who, however, and thought was In 1999, George (Figs. 2-3) in Lille attribution, present in 1999 that more thought of the sit expert closer Salmon (1677-1734). Celia and, than the work to as de Bourbon-Conti.12 Virgins recalling should and Alegret, to Nattier to Victoire published Ancient work identification, consider again, Raoux of an attribution appearance saw Raoux's Keyes unconvinced of Louise-Henriette portrait research, of Sophie.10 by Raoux Xavier files identification also was unconvinced the paint unconvinced additional on the portrait rejected it in and Cummings, began was in museum for the artist: Jean the sitter's Henriette." a Nattier up work attribution suggestion Frederick Marandel, took This of Henriette, this identification been XV"— published to a tentative J. Patrice ter's identity, P. Richardson as Henriette, reverting of Louis by Wildenstein, as a portrait ing has officially Figure 2 aoux. Jean Raoux, French, 1677-1734, Ancient Virgins, 727; oil on canvas, 92 * 72.5 cm. 1 Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille as an unknown only the work Edgar in this Bulletin 1943 identified as "one as Sophie.8 published of the sitter had she was and in 1914 but in 1926, tion, dealer Petit Randolph with Armand acting sold representing and to to his in 1923, Georges Cailleux to William in his collection firm Gimbel death Wildenstein.6 the painting in 1897 to the Parisian at Galerie 1925 on Hert the painting It then passed Seligmann's first to Galerie afterwards diately sold on 18 May and of Roche Wallace, it at her death in 1912.5 Following definitively Henri in 1890 died Sackville, to be of the in the collection Richard died who Seligmann. Paris, Wallace conceit.1 of an unknown Then she bequeathed Scott, Murray heir Lady by Nattier to his son, in 1870.4 said by him through acquired bequeathed ford's death John and that of one in Paris.3 exhibited Hertford fig with por is unknown, in 185 2.2 It can be traced as a work when, or classical the chosen through matches in the guise painting of the painting early provenance although of...
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