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Unformatted text preview: e France by Nattier," Art Quarterly 6 (1943): 239-56. Madame Henriette (1727-52) was the second 3, no. 13 (July-August altar.) My thanks to Joseph Baillio "Madame "Madame Gimpel. 7. ess of Berry. She is seated in a temple, in the background of which fire burns on an E. P. Richardson, Catalogue des Objets d'Art et d'Ameublement du XIII' au XVIII' siecle et autres.. .prove on this sale, from the journal of Rene has three 1999 publica tions, this work is referred to hereafter as Robert-Dumesnil Nattier, 196, fig. 2). as a Vestal Virgin by Jean-Marc Nattier," Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts 23, no. 1 (October 1943): 1-3, and note 15 below for further information 65, 68; as Salmon 2. 1999, 1968), Georges Petit, sale cat., 18 May 1925), 28, no. 38, as attributed to Nattier. See 20-21, Nattier, 1999. portrait in which she does not appear in that guise (Salmon, nant de la Succession de M. J. S. (Galerie 6. work can be found among his earliest works. See X. Salmon, Jean-Marc 1999), a 1748 Nattier France to those in the (Paris, nose (shorter), and lips (fuller). Sophie was also painted as a vestal by copyists at Versailles, based on The painting appears as Portrait de jeune fevime en vestale in his probate inventory, emme and Illustrations, 16th ed. (London, Detroit Nattier, 1685-1766 work, but the face is not: a bit of her proper right ear shows, and, as with the bass viol painting, the hairline is different and there are slight differences sniffed out, brought to rue architectural and includes to the Detroit one of the 2I7 17. painting: ments, darkly shadowed of drapery, and a similar stone floor. Simi Salmon, in white satin, per Wallace Collection Catalogues, Pictures and Drawings, Text with Historical Notes work, as in so many others. And the 1718 Tours painting displays ele a stepped-up daughters, Rochefort—once Laffitte.) Detroit ments later found in the Detroit XV's that Henri had earlier painted portraits deguises. The e'guise's. actually depic...
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