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Unformatted text preview: history are portraits the subject mythological, the subject enlivening The His painter. they show and Modern Marandel's be done dating, which Virgins sugges on the portrait's has led to the article. Pierre de Nolhac, late nineteenth the Detroit painting artist, and when the leading and early expert twentieth in his 1905 he first mentioned and on Nattier centuries, 1925 did not include volumes it in 1930 in the on the considered Figure 3 aoux, anvas, Jean Raoux. Modern Virgins, 728; oil on canvas. 92 * 72.5 cm. Palais des Beaux 1 Arts, Lille 24 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Recent it "unfinished."13 No the lack although other of detail close proximity, tural and background Nolhac's Nathan Wildenstein woman in white, sale, or rather hammer high here to pursue Jonas had an undated Hearst. was Le Figaro anistique and (?)" mation that it had for 39,000.16 authors, the sale Given the lack it is necessary francs the of the painting alone be clarified tion of twins, Wilden article then appended and when listed cata the as "J.-M. made francs but only scholars of signature, sold and and the show addition to identifications has been linked size her to be an important as both Sophie to their sister Vxctoire and through Henriette, a related Henriette painting signed In she work Figure 4 < Jean-Marc Nattier,Madame Infante (or Henriette?) as a Vestal, 1749; oil on canvas, 82 * 95 cm. Location unknown (last known at Sotheby's, London, 1967) and tal portrait (Fig. and seated that came dated 1749 to which Prost the archival viol Prost painted turned had recording by Nattier sketched viol. in 1967, for the ves refer. The to 1754 right, a bass London, to the portrait 1748 could one to her proper documents a as a vestal, been 4), is a candidate to docu thought of her holding from in the related similar as a vestal to light at Sotheby's, Fig. others Henriette mistakenly painting 1895 formerly on an archiva...
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