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Pottier versailles mv 3735 musee des beaux arts

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Unformatted text preview: t Nattier dates his authentic Gazette des Beaux 35, 42, 46. almost always works (P. Nolhac, 20. B. Prost, "Un document jf.-M. J.-M. Nattier, peintre de la Cour de Louis XV [Paris, 1905], 3). This statement Gazette des Beaux-Ails is often true for the prime version of a work, but J. Baillio, in a letter to me of 19 October 2006, has pointed out that Nat for Nattier's tier's 1758 holding portrait of Madame moreover, 1933. The portrait of Henriette as a ves is no. 14 on p. 437 tal done at Compiegne of Prost's text; the price paid was 1,800 ,8oo livres, indicating that it likely measured less than 146 by 114 centimeters. 283, cat. 82) is also unsigned; Nattier often created replicas of his works that were unsigned. French Painters of the XTHIth TlIIth n. 1, 151, (London, 1899), 149, Century Victoire" another "impor calls "Madame 436-48. the primary document work for the court during the original of which the years 1742-59, ' is in the Archives Nationales, Paris, O1 Nat 18. Lady Dilke, sur Nattier," 11 (1894): Prost discusses Adelaide a book of music (Salmon, tier, 1999, 217). Peintre de Mesdames, XV," Arts 14, pt. 2 (1895): 1895, 42, cites a document in the F. Enger O11932; 21. Nolhac Archives Nationales, and, Inventaire des tableaux commandes et painting of a vestal in the former Wallace collection. Madame Vic achetes par la Direction des Batiments du Roi was the fifth daughter toire (1733-99) (fourth to survive childhood) of Louis XV. is therefore not the original of the only other known composition of Henriette A photo of this work as "iVladame Sophie" xMadame (no. 522-76; attribution provided by Madame Clotilde Briere, Paris, 1929) in as a vestal (an allegory of Fire, in which she appears with her head in her hand), the Frick Art Reference for which he received tant" Nattier 15. The London, June 1913, 22, no. 13 3). It was illustrated in the catalogue, but that page is missing 2005). 1999^ "Chantilly," as "in background...
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