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Unformatted text preview: in later works; in addition to that of Detroit, it to Nattier a similar turn and veil are seen in his mistaken Manon Balletti (1757; is dated 1749. National Victoire" by Lady Dilke in 1899, sold at Scott's sale, Christie's, Lon John Murray sale), and there remains a discrep ancy regarding the position of the altar, described as "on the left" in the 1913 sale; there was no indication moreover, 1913 sale catalogue Gallery, 76.8 by 97.2 centimeters. 31. Measuring Salmon, Nattier, 1999, at the Witt Library, Lon don, gives the dimensions as 3 2 by 2 6 inches. The photograph in the FARL (522-7^ j2 2~7i) shows the painting's with, in an old hand: "Louise de France Philippe 1922 230, 314. The sale was the iMazel collection, xMazel Drouot, 11,81 Nattier, 1999, Hotel Paris, 13 November 1922, lot x 6 j cm. The Parma portrait could show Henriette: the 1748-54 portrait of her with a bass viol displays the exact 28.. G. Huard, 8 "Nattier 1685 Peintres Franqais du XVIII' Dimier (Paris, 1930) a 1766," in Les si'ecle, ed. L. 2: 125, no. 76, says Elisabeth morte le 3 Decembre 1759, agee de 32 ans. Peint par Natier." The dimensions November to the 81 by 65 centime painting sold at Drouot, 13 19 2 2, lot 11, and in both paintings the sky can be seen, unlike hv the Pau and Neumans paintings. it measures 123 by 94 centimeters and is "signe sous cadre" (signed under the frame). pose and similar dress and hairstyle, and the painting may simply be a portrait reverse Fille de Loiiis XV, Epouse de otiis Infant d'Espagne Due de Parme, are identical London). 230. 3 2. A photograph ters Mazel Salmon, in the that the Scott paint ing was signed and dated. for the first time following her on 11 December 1748 and (Pau, to Parma of confu Arts de Pau, Catalogue Sommaire (Pau, 1967), 42, and as Henriette and "studio 24. 16, confuses the painting. portraits of the first and second inventoried 614; and Salmon, toryski painting, as one would suppose from the different measurements. In both fleurdelise, une Au fond une grande draperie t...
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