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Saint pierre lisle adam exh cat 2000 work same as

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Unformatted text preview: lerie des Portraits, Tableaux et Bustes qui composent la Collec tion du Roi au Chateau d'Eu (Paris, 1836), 206, no. 321 bis, as "En vestale. Peint par Nattier." 57. My thanks to Alban Duparc, Musee Eu, for the image and Louis-Philippe, to Frederic Lacaille, Juliette Trey, and Roland Bossard of Versailles for allowing its publication. 3: viii, 252, no. 221 bis: "Peint par Jean Marc Natier. Elle est representee en Vestale." The dimen sions are given as 2 9 x 2 3 pouces (approx. {Paris, 1826), 78.5 x 62.3 cm) and location 1826 inventoried and 1836, when it was at the latter, is also confirmed by its absence in an inventory of the Pal ais-Royal some years later, J. Vatout, Le Palais-Royal, souvenirs historiques jusqu 'en 1847 (Paris, 1852), 59. Vatout 1826, (see 67. In conversation with me in July 2007, -]. Salmon considered it entirely by Nattier. painting the sitter's eyes are brown, her eyelid area is larger than in the Detroit work, and her nose is slightly 68. Salmon, larger; she has a cleft chin and full lips 69. Salmon, 62. In Gobert's (ill., Salmon, Dossier, 1999, 70. by Salmon, with brown eyes, a 323-50. portrait of the duch 59 (Peter the de Clermont; 85). Compar ing both works with a known portrait exh. of Louise-Diane's son (L'Isle-Adam 79 (Mademoiselle 1729), 1739), 118-19 (Thalia 80 (Lambesc and and her brother; 1732). 71. 159) lends weight to Salmon's suggestion, as the two share a small chin cat. 2000, Salmon, Nattier, 1999, 83 (1731 paint ing), 107 (d'Antin). For architectural affinities with works from as early as 1718, see note 1. and long, thin lips. That Nattier was commissioned brother by Louise-Diane's to paint portraits of both Louise-Diane, de Chartres (thus prior as Mademoiselle 72. The to her marriage in 1732), and her sister Mademoiselle de Beaujolais is attested by 7 3. It was only possible his daughter, M.-C. Tocque, "Abrege painting has been in the family of the owners since the 1970s. to photograph the work at an angle,...
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