Sophie was also painted as a vestal by copyists at

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Unformatted text preview: s. In addition to lighdy painted areas in the architecture, other areas that appear unfinished are the is depicted of drapery to the right of and the pavement in front of small amount the column sold for $2,205 to A. Wertheimer (Cata logue of Important Pictures by Old Masters Chiefly of the French and Dutch Schools and Modern Pictures and Drawings the Prop erty of Sir John E. A. Murray Scott, Bart., relationship and that as regards the attribu tion he may have simply been venting spleen over what was clearly a very profit Deceased, sale cat., Christie's, 1919), the steps. text appears not English, edition journal, Journal d'un collection translation is mine. The only in the French, of Gimpel's niarchand new; marchand de tableaux (Paris, 1963), 297, under the date of 4 September 1925. The manuscript version, however, clearly dates the visit to Wednesday, 16 September 1925 (thirteenth notebook, 68). My thanks to Diana Kostyrko for this reference and for the manuscript text. The occasion. original text is as follows: "Une N. Wldenstein me montre en pied, une femme en blanc, a achete a la vente de Jacques Selig qu'il mann, ou plutot voici ce qui s'est passe. II un Nattier avait donne l'ordre a Marcel Jonas de le pousser a n'importe quel prix et a trente mille francs il est adjuge, mais a Cailleux! Jonas surpris, qui s'attendait a de grosses encheres, n'avait pas eu le temps d'ouvrir 27 in the FARL copy. The altar is on the sitter's proper left but on the right of the painting. The 1968 Wallace collection to author, May Georges Petit sale cat. 1925, Le Figaro artistique 2, no. 77 (4 June 28; 1925): J39, and no. 78 (11 June 1925): catalogue identifies this work as the por trait sold at Sotheby's, 19 April 1967, lot 26, to M. S. Creswell for 3,000 pounds 556. The (Wallace Collection 1968, 16. Galerie hammer price was 30,000 francs; the sale reports of 39,000 francs published in Le Figaro artistique must 19. P. Nolhac, "Nattier, Filles de Louis reflect a 30 percent buyer's premium. 17. Nolhac notes tha...
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