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Unformatted text preview: he dauphin, 23. When ROM, 2 30), but the photograph shows a work slightly longer and wider than the Czar de velours violet; a sur un coussin [Gottingen, 2003], and Eloy 2007, CD sur les ii droite, I'autel oil brille le feu sacre; a that the work referred to in the document head in hand in 1761 bis zum Klassizimus 142, n. 840; Faroult decol letee, voile sur la tete retombant as the Sotheby's, Czarto composition ryski, and Pau works and related to the work. Salmon, robe blanche (Drouot, identify it as the Czartoryski painting, as have other writ ers (C. Schalles, Die 'Vestalin' als ideale Is fille de Louis Henriette, lot 34) and 1994 Paris, 12 December) 33. Mentioned in notes of Cummings and Marandel dimensions are always given as 104 by 135 centimeters, but must be department file 43.417; the Witt Library, London. pean art, DIA, 29.. The 9 1984; 34 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions 1970 of Euro photograph in Recent 34. Measuring 432 by 25 54 inches 2j (81.28 x 65.40 cm); FARL, photograph Research on Portrait of a Woman as a Vestal 3 j. Supply File no. 2. 1905, 87, 142, mentions a draw ing of a larger format work than the La intriguing. The was demolished See note 12. Salmon published this iden tification both in Nattier, 1999, 249—jo, 1999, 1999): 30; it was 40-41. Schalles 2003, 21-22, It was owned of this on 1930, 1884, Richardson, (Villeneuve 125, also mentions a Nattier in the collection of M. Dupin 2; and Art 242. 182-83). For more on this subject, see Schalles Baron de Rede, whose sale catalogue shows a 1914 photograph of the Detroit "The Ideology 2003 and K. Nicholson, of Feminine 'Virtue': The Vestal Virgin in French Eighteenth-Century Allegori cal Portraiture," in Portraiture: Facing the Subject, ed. J. Woodall (Manchester, part of de Rede's collection. of comte Rene de Villeneuve in this article through a print; Fig. 9), stating that a copy or replica of this work is in the collection of the marquis de there until his own death; Villeneuve Dupin, Melaizes. tioned...
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