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Unformatted text preview: is has remarked on the Raleigh 1759 been fit the description years vestal in Raoux's to have of Henriette partly them they underline background and of the artist's wife bear and finished numerous among the Detroit of comparative that of himself dress of a portrait painting, painted is a stretch, of the lady in Detroit. of 1739; none was in as the artist can be the wealth a replica While that this work of the artist himself.67 through to those started with Nattier worked it a work in 1762 was and Louis-Richard-Fran possible, who and finished similarities his own his son, Jean-Frederic works. Nattier the 1730s ily, in which follows after he had blocked in the architecture—perhaps especially Nolhac close modeled, of which the left rejected the would XV, although to consider Nattier replicated at Versailles, developed to have to suggest studio," of Raoux, positively had in 1754; stu only true students 1730s; known Thus and is reasonable and in Rome 1750s.66 in other at the that on the left, which the late who has "Nattier of Louis Nattier's by the late a painter suggestion on the right, part of he needed Through are exquisitely the position left around added likely and realized that the sitter's be seen left hand reserve and intention, of the canvas. proper of two strips—that Nattier's can be as the drapery died by "Nattier his examina as well a large slightly Henriette, during who And that as Salmon family were du Roi a daughter Tocque, and clientele fois Dupont, is not sufficient. d'Orleans his son-in-law, Marc, began features. who sent there. been is little evidence, for a bustling of the royal not depicting career to link her to Madame of the sitter's right foot and eyebrow, proper Nattier evidence artists of the Cabinet work, not have is scant of' in the Selig left hand, artist. Moreover, his portraits Although by the many were right ear. the facial by Ackerman there there of her proper quality as "studio of the Seligmann attributions assertion, Gimpel's on by another worked present the proper and catalogue that he found viewed at the time been later. This years indication the doubtful Yet despite Nor may have many for its being others from the inferior dio." espe and by Gimpel it was in account 1733 which of 1749-62.65 continued Nolhac's explain and about to be correct, the period date current given either that the work and then 1733 in 1925. apart coy; in the x-ray, while the evidence sale mann In the final de...
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