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Unformatted text preview: , with an altar on the left," 32 x 38 V2 in., and annotated as that ended in message describes Victoire" architectural life and writings, indicates that Gimpel's aesthetic judgment is quite good when his emotions are not involved, but that by 1925 he was disillusioned with Wilden able sale (e-mail House as a Vestal grey robe; her hair powdered and dressed with a white kerchief; green curtain and Ce n'est qu'une oeuvre d'atelier." Kostyrko, an expert on Rene Gimpel's Hearst. had a business of a Woman Portrait white silk dress, cut low at the neck, and Je l'ai vu. II a ete achete par [Footnote:] Nattier's paintings from Hertford the "Portrait of Madame Aussitot Jonas negocie l'achat a en quatre-vingt mille francs. Wildenstein demande un million huit cent mille francs. la bouche. stein (with whom he and his father had exh. cat., 2000], 157; private collection, Brussels, having come from the Orleans family); for these works, see X. Salmon, "Jean-Marc Nattier a Chantilly," on (Paris, of the Detroit in the Detroit work; she has a cuff but ton on her proper right sleeve unlike in Detroit; the bodice of her dress is looser; the architecture is different, display ing straight, not curving, elements and a view of the sky; and a tassel hangs to her proper left. The sitter is either Henriette or the Infante. The catalogue tion of the John Murray 1750 work, with slight differences. The drape of veil over her proper left shoulder is shorter than informa Scott sale of This 351-52. and completed (Salmon, 22. 1749 Museum today in the Sao Paulo Library (Fx\RL) shows it to be bust-length, with the pose and costume 1901), portrait of Art, the commission in the painting in 1751 Nattier, 1999, 225). For the 1748 drawings and 1748-54 painting of Henriette with the bass viol, see Salmon, Nattier, 1999, and Nolhac 1895, 253, 255, 256,' 36-37. Prost 1894, 439, cites a second document that men tions a second portrait of Henriette as vestal with only the head complete as of February 1757; this work, "used con tinuously to make...
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