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Unformatted text preview: ris, 2007), as Sophie. Madame Sophie (1734-82) was the sixth daughter (fifth to survive childhood) of Louis XV. This identifica 4. 105, n. 23. LIllustration (27 June 1914): 573, describ ing the contents of the rue Laffitte apart ment: "[o]n voit un Nattier, le portrait de l'une des filles de Louis blanc, que Henri XV, en satin Rochefort—un temps in 1943, When sold to the DIA the dealers referred to the work tion may derive from a painting owned by the iMusee du Louvre, on deposit at the Cercle Interallie, Paris (inv. 6897), formerly identified as Sophie but that was given the duchy by the painting's purchase as Henriette, was also pub lished in Art Digest 18, no. 31 (November n 1943): 24; my thanks to J. Baillio for this museum, reference. in European art department; DIA, 11. . Marandel thought the coloring and treatment of the draperies were close to portrait of Frangoise Perdrigeon (1733; Versailles, on deposit at Musee des Beaux-Arts, Dijon); Alegret responded that the Detroit portrait is definitely not by Raoux, but neither was it a Nattier, or at least not a "mature Nat tier." Olivier Le Bihan of the Bordeaux museum, also in correspondence Marandel (1985), with thought that the sitter was not a daughter of Louis XV, based on facial features; his colleague Bernadette de Boysson concurred but indicated that lection La Caze, Chefs-d'Oeuvre des peintures et XVIII' siecles, ed. G. Faroult des XVII' The those of Raoux's as Sophie, with Wildenstein, and recently arrived in the United States, in Inter Art [Golden in 1748. file 43.417. although his name is not mentioned, it is clear from other works exhibited. See is that of Lord Hertford; after her husband 10. . Notes (The Fourth Loan Expo exh. cat., 1939], as n.p., no. 122, dated ca. 1748-50), well as in French XVIIIth Century Paint VlIIth This collection de daughter of Louis XV, a twin to her elder sister Madame Elisabeth [Marie-Louise-] Marie-Louise-]Elisabeth 1954): 63, incor states that the Whitcombs donated rectly the painting to the DIA in 1926. The for this Henriette Henriette d...
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