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Unformatted text preview: he quantity work. affinity with a portrait or a similar work been hold her tongue, enigmatic Madame as ninety the Detroit and until Although rest, as she did a century title Portrait of a Woman an attribu some of her secrets continues evidence comes ago 14), under (Fig. of that may post years, lady placidly further out. as the candidacy rests only on a label be premature. revealed, Sophie, is not strong Dupin for her, and by as much Henri may be ruled of Madame conclusively tion to her would she must by the iden Madame painting, Victoire, de Bourbon-Conti d'Orleans have of the draperies, of her proper The to argue still do not know Madame Louise-Henriette enough work of Nattier's reproduction in the Detroit Infante, and date has, understand of the column, in the Detroit Although Louise-Diane treatment from the Detroit not have over the work in the area She dress that the painting or nineteenth-century 3 etta, Madame the the altar. a white The drapery. in the areas as appear minus but the copyist Nattier's apparent especially drapery, the in a private with a light blue although copied lost version, is particularly an artist interested painting to the conclusion be a late eighteenth- tity of the woman exists not wear of the lips strike ably, not fully grasped which does in situ leads in given painting and setting and are less animated, The Thus could and for the Detroit painting surrounding coloration face and eyes her marriage 13).The pose as a vestal and veil, which painted.73 (Fig. in the same woman of the work be fixed at this time. Angeles is thus not shown analo Mademoiselle of 1738.'1 date precise of the Detroit replica in Los collection before d'Antin a more find clear to represent d'Orleans evidence, present said of the Marquise a painting in Detroit to to light, the as a Vestal Virgin.16 right or quality pedes Examination 31 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Virgin Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of...
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