Vatout le palais royal souvenirs historiques jusqu en

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Unformatted text preview: s that during this change the san her; this lat ter seems both to meld into and to be ber 2008) 60. See note 2. A 1714 Nattier, 1999, 1717), Nattier, 1999, noted in conversation 251. 286, 288, 102-3. Terpsichore; round face, small chin, and thin lips (ill., Salmon, Nattier, 1999, Salmon, Great; as Louise-Diane shows a woman 294, 120, 253, 59). The 17 31 painting, sometimes considered Mademoiselle de Sens but tentatively proposed Nattier, 1999, 3 r4 as the That it had left the Palais Palais-Royal. Royal and been sent to the Chateau d'Eu between in 1935 de l'Academie 58. J. Vatout, Notices historiques sur les tab leaux de la Galerie de S. A. R. Mgi: le Due d'Orleans when published note 55). fille (Regent du de Bour et de Francoise-Alarie de Philippe, determined unnecessary, photographs 65. The that the craquelure years of his life, Nattier was seriously ill; commercial 1823), 1: xiii-xiv, states that many portraits did not have he kept to his bed from that year (Eloge de Nattier peintre Necrologue de 17 68 [Paris, names attached and that after his research 1768], 19; Salmon, Nattier, 1999, provenance was 66. Salmon, 295, teenth century but has a more regular patterning that may be the result of a 76. Nattier, 1999, 28-37. ground preparation. Before ending this discussion of the painting, a word should be said about its frame. The 310-11). to the back of some. It is also not clear how the Eu painting's of the painting, indicated could be late eigh following the signed and dated painting of that year sold at Sothe by's in 1967, and 1762 as, for the last five year 1749, (Paris, as he found was added painting has not been examined in person by a conservator and I saw it only on the wall. Ackerman, who only saw omitted. le Due d'Orleans such information 75. The were sumptuously from France present frame, a magnificent, carved and gilded example in the late Regency period, was likely put on the painting when it was 36 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR T...
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