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And victoireis early twentieth immediately it was to

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Unformatted text preview: ques happened. at not cast doubt me a full-length the purchase negotiated stein is asking went is what it no matter hadn't seen more does: considered of the Detroit so, architec does 1925 he bought fell, but to Cailleux! bids, Jonas is to show which when but an entry in the journal in September Gimpel once Even are often comment it so, and incomplete this comment.14 attribution, Rene considered architecture, elements works. the painting's dealer support have on the sandals in the background areas in Nattier's writers of straps Research pose of Henri (Versailles); Figure 5 Copy afterJean-Marc Nattier,Madame Infante(or Henriette?) as a Vestal,18th century from an original of about 1749; oil on canvas, 81 * 65 cm. Musee du Louvre, Paris, on deposit at Musee des Beaux-Arts, Pau (M. 1.1093, inv. D. 62.3.1) 25 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Virgin Bulletin of the Detroit as Nattier head Institute often tal in 1749, the 1967 known La to have to conclude (see painting 5), considered Fig. is clearly related has been the subject Victoire, Louise, Madame Henriette, all have Dupin Louise-]Elisabeth), noting and with a fuller double chin that a "Madame en vestale" sale 1763 Elisabeth Infante gains hand, identified alongside attribute arch painting nine work sale as a vestal, catalogue and bears and painting; in the 1881 Roxard is clearly marriage covered be appropriate the duchess and possibly that Nat exist, and the Infante's a portrait in an old painting likely (now de la Salle sale, as a vestal to a reigning position to the La and then mon work retouched the New depicted in 1967 Sotheby's Victoire" York, in 1936, (Fig. Paris, in 1936 similar to the as a sovereign, Madame with the M. The prime (Fig. date Henriette among sold at in with J. Levy, that the work as the Mazel Henriette" New shows painting Caze of Louis York, are likely New with Neumans, of the La "daughter these work f.t 176(4]"?) a work Gallery, to be and again with an incomplete ("Nattier and a version 8);" in the may be the "Madame be the same of "Madame or composition in 1975 an old inscription must Rich formerly horizontal in 1988;" R. Schweitzer versions in Paris a painting and number.27 often considered 4), which Fig. in 1913;'° bearing 7);J2 a portrait ing called (see art market which 6);28 one one her in certain Henriette and pose the half-len...
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