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Unformatted text preview: Facing of the French Figure i Jean-Marc Nattier, French, 1685-1766, Portraitof a Woman as a Vestal Virgin, ca-1733.or 1749-62; oil on canvas, 191 x 140 cm. Giftof Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Whitcomb (43.417) Opposite Detail of Figure 1 i to portraiture—with sitters—from have taught Hyacinthe and definitively Nattier, Art Museum) (Phoenix des Beaux-Arts, stream ical subjects, and the portraitist painting system, date. father, Marc fine work. with the history and to his father, he was approbation Academie has brought of its creation, a prolific of Louis portrait to 1762. His XV. a drawing the king's self, receiving out and a is a work 1733 by his mother, encouraged to Jean was in addition he presented Rigaud's during with by Alfred the process for its attribution Jean Jouvenet, and surely Rigaud, In 1712, from of paintings, of Louis Madame on 1749, in 2006-7 (1685-1766) the reign to depict the sitter is not yet range undertaken evidence providing she has XV; that the portrait could Vic can be ruled proposed conservator Madame attribution While shows of which head to light substantial said the painting's names many discussed. as as associ de Bourbon-Conti has centered questioned. College secrets as well of Louis composition of the work Oberlin in white the years to depict as Louise-Henriette with a similar The said all daughters Infante, identified and linked over Henriette, composition Art Museum, in the Detroit of her long-held identified as Madame Memorial the woman portrait some sitter has been with a similar toire a name, French of Arts has divulged i). The (Fig. Art, Allen been such a more histor difficult, This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Bulletin of the Detroit Institute but prestigious, primarily career portraits of a goddess of Arts as a history deguises: or other historical, ure, and thus combine elements traiture, its description duchess of Berry, sold to i860, only it was woman, Lord fort, it was to his wife; passed Jacques was auctioned who where it sold it in 1914 sold sequently it remained to Galerie Brothers, until Hearst, an original by Nattier it in then imme Wildenstein when 1943, it to the DIA, the New Hammer who with a gift of funds sub and Hearst, York and it as purchased from Mr. and Mrs. B. Whitcomb.' Edgar Prior to 1926, no identifications i860 published—in woman when of the daughters owned carried since In 1968, that time.9 of...
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