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Description years vestal in raouxs to have of

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Unformatted text preview: Bourbon-Conti, Nattier or during might discussed, more to that of the Infante, not correspond or Louise-Henriette Sophie, of whether about argument, by Nattier painting to suggest it "unfinished" The gallery. of hair over started with she has a sparkle later softening the face of the woman Nonetheless, arches. as is her proper the question woman, the right with a less full chin, lock is gone at the circular of a smile. and younger, placid of her forehead changes and her the appearance she seems right side crinkled be proven) suggestion and brighter, in the x-ray appears are more work toward of the receding them out, is seen under of plausible painted on the Eu is it unreasonable to the archi of the receding inch cannot to the likes figures changes taller, larger, one-half at the back eyelids her eyes, vestal and descending face of the woman The works most the date to emphasis it is less similar later painted at the back originally originally element arm; significant of the sitter's head to just under These the small reveals gal exist as to the painting's possibilities The is that it was (assuming 2-3), inspired various authorship. of a long to the work; Figs. and evidence, his creation (see Thus of Art, in the Detroit is the altar, give greater as Raoux's x-ray also at the Salon Museum of the figures monumentality genre that year Carolina for the first time, and, painting, by him in the North Nattier's Raleigh.63 of Arts toes, elements turn of head, in Detroit.70 and The Recent Research on Nattier's Portrait of a Woman as a Vestal Figure 14 Photograph of a salon at 2, rue Laffitte, howing the Detroit painting in 1914; s 2 reproduced originally in L'Illustration, 7 June 1914 'mm Figure 13 i8th Copy after Jean-Marc Nattier, Portraitof a Woman, 18th or 19th century; oil on canvas, 112* 88 cm. Private collection, Los Angeles. Photo by author satin white dress and tight bodice gies in the painting Sens of 1731 or Louise-Diane than cannot 1733-62 A near same instead cape and blue and bright darker perhaps work another are yellow was shoulder."4 of highlights, tal, and The does painting shows painting. an odd treatment note, in the surface we regrettably and the is nicely painting t...
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