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Unformatted text preview: ibition in Brussels, 1935) 28 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Recent of the Chateau inventory was present as "no. d'Eu, at the Chateau d'Eu, in all respects conforms at lower marked in costume ferences includes sleeve left (Fig. and ground decade a description and Bourbon, age in 1736.59 twenty abeth d'Orleans, is not impossible sister, was was that the Detroit "seated portrait in a temple, and from signed died what at to 1719, 1710 misidentified in 1852 as her and said in the background to be of which on an altar."60 was of the Eu work born of the sitter with the Orleans Figure n X-radiograph of Figure i in the Palais-Royal, in 1826 indicates family. some Nonetheless, and the pres expect would tend a much This it is by no Nattier's to place of a Woman larger grouping, signed date date does as we shall is not certain, in the painting's dated painting vestals x-ray over, is identical 1759 on Nattier's in this volume), altar, visible 1759 information Notes of two additional and see, career. the 2006-7 additional the presence date with its composi painting: "Technical the of its 1733 not conform and, as a Vestal Virgin," later painted it is presently painting, it later in Nattier's provides (see not nor the Louise-Diane, the legibility 1749 name by Ackerman does Moreover, for the Detroit the lady's through allegiance The with known as to the painting's pally there is unknown. might examination and Vatout paintings, of the Eu made to be Louise (Versailles) and Detroit and Vatout How said on applied, when that may represent of its signature, Although Portrait was paintings. by Nattier.62 1731 relationship portraits and it the inscription the 1820s, to verify the originality one tional in the Eu and as to the Detroit when Gobert as a Vestal with certainty, doubts d'Orleans's painting dated as its location de and until by Pierre in another and is identified remain...
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