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Kings collection draperies version indicates work

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Unformatted text preview: d'Eu before belonged to entering the in 1935.54 as Louise-Hen as her sister-in-law, be considered. it as a Nattier also of an incense in Brussels like Detroit's, catalogue Mademoiselle catalogue he noted, but an identification d'Orleans, 1935 de Bour the cover exhibited he portrait—which does not illustrate portrait de Chartres, cites its appearance the of Louise bearing the date in an 1836 her hus as a vestal to be the king's and being to the Salmon van by Carle Drouais, ceased The Diane XV, her depiction Louise-Diane purity, a woman linked Louise-Henriette work, one as such, d'Orleans. the sitter holds This simi Dupin.'3 published after the Detroit at the Chateau can be rejected, Madame 1750 family collection identification riette to be young, a widow. of about by Franjois-Hubert still alive, with her having patible mistress of nobility, be expected The Hou which penned to positively to the list of women at the time to show the Orleans Schmidt Institute copy been Louise-Diane in her right hand. burner van Carle of purpose, or perhaps in portraits as a vestal Loo also might childless, the former Pompadour, (1791; to sculptures Detroit the attributes and seriousness as a vestal and Jean-Antoine including to connote responsibility, represented band guise, Vien and numerous de Thelusson Countess of Arts).48 Meant chastity, as vestals women date Princess painting: bon-Conti—in (see Virgins before may be added a bust-length considered Augus of vestals, depictions cited who the facial evidence as Madame portrait it has never name Detroit des vestales by the abbe in the century, Later period. painted popu of the longer Histoire the Detroit further for her simplic de Saint-Pierre, is not sufficient lives since reference the correspondence leanings—in the Abbe she help women's "Plotine"—a wife, known Trajan's there however, While called her with that title.52 Despite about identify on more and Modern Virgins friend, larities, centuries that regulated often and philosophical a discourse among was emperor of her devoted and with Rousseau's positions, on laws She times.51 ity, virtue, of in Europe in Paris romaines Raoux's and public notes compiled to the Roman alive. at scholarship a...
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