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Unformatted text preview: ttempt avec un traite du luxe des dames tin Nadal. broken, became to the publication serious was published the theme ancient to take a vow and early eighteenth in the late seventeenth had to out their duties, required of holding the in ser thirty years ten carrying vestals. for those chastity other and to that deity, and young men goddess temple instruction, new fire of Vesta, in the Detroit circular cornice this setting. the sacred tended in Rome's curved sweeping, evoke of Arts Institute is com mistress by I75I That of Louis or another when (who, that Nattier evidence a vestal in 1750-51, of Art). Taking the painting that Nattier a vestal, women as to which Madame an ideal and might according though candidate of women also inventory with it certainly married are no hard and and a fast rules in this guise.50 married by 1743 of Museum along a crown, to be shown to prove rests on the on the paint however, the Infante—both to her biographer, on the rights 1763 of the Infante be portrayed an in the guise Paulo (Sao in Nattier's that there might Dupin, seem Fire that includes painted de such and his iden also that princess at face value, in 1881 in prestige of Orleans,49 painted of the name in 1936 sold mother—as had Fleury de Chartres as Henriette painting painting to Louise-FIenriette the increase the indications ing with J. Levy seems instead and to Richard that Cardinal to the due as the element the old notation served daughters. noted give to the house of the Detroit tification and turned to prevent would affiliation unmarried of Henriette spurned, Bourbon-Conti) married the sitter of the Detroit on the portrait, the marriage forbade was women daughters for unmarried of Louis's in his articles son, XV's of the theme efforts to identify heighten as one one only the propriety and a mother, as a vestal, she was writing that they were for, a book as capable as io Figure 10 c Jean-Marc Nattier, Unknown Woman as a Vestal Virgin, alled Louise-Diane i d'Orleans, 1733; oil on canvas, 81 * 64 cm. Location unknown (last known at an exh...
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