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Unformatted text preview: of Arts Figure 8 Jean-Marc Nattier,Madame Infanteas a Vestal, about 1749; oil on canvas, 81 x 65 cm. Location Jean-Marc Nattier,Madame Infante(or Henriette?) as a Vestal, about 1749; oil on canvas, dimensions unknown. Location unknown (last known with unknown (last known with J.Levy, New York, 1936) Neumans, Paris, 1936) 26 This content downloaded from on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 15:49:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Recent paintings Czartoryski That size. large format than the La These Infante, paintings them in terms tume and an altogether the nose lack strongly must known 1743 for the wedding more is more the eye color Could Dupin in 1930 Voltaire, Claude tor, lawyer, he was Dupin, forty-three.41 Dupin bert in Paris, where Buffon, rationale first suggested Fontenelle, lived the lower linked to those between the setting of La The paintings and Caze as he makes no men rationale for as Dupin depicted by Ciro earlier interest Rome's noble clues in eighteenth-century Ferri (Galleria in the theme families lady in the guise to her probable Spada, Vestals art, and a 1665 Rome) in Italy.46 Chosen at about identity. of a ves attests to an from ancient the age of six or seven, vestals lip. be painting Czartoryski was, among others. seventeen the chateau frequented of the La Huard Caze She tax collec captain, she was and Montesquieu.4- to be and correspondent to owning a salon banker and known infantry when to according with his wife in the Hotel for his identification a connection to in the Detroit and Dupin as a writer a former she held those had by Georges Caze Fontaine,40 as well In addition have mouth of the protestant daughter in 1724, between he would as Louise-Marie-Madeleine and Montesquieu, and writer, Chenonceau, grayish in the La and Madame and intelligent of himself, married Figs. Bernard beautiful was painting to have paintings painting.38 5—6)?3<? Madame the illegitimate Rousseau, Samuel name alert Caze in his catalogue. of the Detroit scant provides often to 1736, with me in 2007, in the Detroit born as the woman (see paintings under in conversation (1707-99; whose de Fontaine), Huard indentation depicted of the eyes and more the face has something in the Stockhol...
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