00 due date 11162013 is this a foreign payee no

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Unformatted text preview: /16/2013 Is this a foreign payee: No Payment Type: * Payment Method: Other Considerations: Is this payee an employee: * Documentation Location Code: P - C heck/AC H S pecial Handling SA - Scan and Attach Documents * Check Stub Text: A ccounting Lines A ccounting Lines Source * Chart * Account Number SubAccount * Object Sub-Object Project Org Ref Id * Amount Actions 0.00 MS MICHIGA N STA TE add: UNIV ERSITY Line Description Contact Information Contact Information * Contact Name: Phone Number: Tran, Bich +16162340983 Email Address: Campus Code: EL S pecial Handling Nonresident Alien Tax Wire Transfer F oreign Draft Pre-Disbursement Processor Status G eneral Ledger Pending Entries Notes and Attachments (0) A d Hoc Recipients Route Log https://fin.ebsp.msu.edu/kfs-prd/msuFinancialDisbursementVoucher.do?methodToCall=docHandler&command=initiate&docTypeName=DV#topOfForm 1/1...
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