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AACS3034 Management Information Systems Chapter 1 Page 1 of 13 CHAPTER 1: The Information Age Learning Outcomes After learning this chapter, student will be able to: Explain why information systems are so essential in business today. Identify and describe the three dimensions of information systems. Evaluate the impact of information systems on organizations Information System A set of interrelated components working together to collect, process, store and disseminate information to support decision making, coordination, control, analysis and visualization in an organization. Information systems can help companies extend their reach to faraway locations, offer new products and services, reshape jobs and workflows, and perhaps significantly change the way they conduct business. Functions of an Information System An information system contains information about an organization and its surrounding environment. Three basic activities - input, processing, and output – produce the information organizations need. Feedback is output that is returned to appropriate members of organization to help them evaluate or correct the input stage. Environmental actors such as customers, suppliers, competitors, stockholders and regulatory agencies interact with the organization and its information systems. Input Processing Output Feedback INFORMATION SYSTEM ORGANIZATION Environment Regulatory Agencies Customers Suppliers Competitors Stockholders Figure 1.1 Functions of an Information System
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