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SOCA 252 Fall 2007 Exam #4 study guide

SOCA 252 Fall 2007 Exam #4 study guide - SOCA 252...

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SOCA 252: Introduction to Physical Anthropology Exam #4 Study Guide The exam is composed of multiple choice (including true/false) questions. This exam covers the material in Sanford et al. 2008 chapters 7 and 8; we will have also covered in class material contained in chapter 10, pages 244-249 . Appendix B also contains comparative materials. You will be responsible for the various topics covered in the primate section: the primate order, primate behavior, and comparative non-human primate and non-human primate-human osteology materials as well. Topic One : the primate order: know the broadly shared anatomical and behavioral characteristics of the primate order ( ancestral characteristics ). Be able to distinguish the broader divisions within the order, notably by key, characteristic differences ( derived characteristics ). You do not need to know the species or common name of any primates except the members the Hominoid family. Know which terms within the
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