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essay 5 final

essay 5 final - Andrew Bernstein COM L 108.01 Essay 5 Final...

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Andrew Bernstein COM L 108.01 November 25, 2007 Essay 5 Final The Unguaranteed Availability of Freedom To what extent is Divided Heaven a product of East Germany propaganda, and what about the novel gives it such pro-Eastern feelings? Divided Heaven , by Christa Wolf, is a novel that was published in 1963 in socialist East Germany. It was a state-supported example of Socialist Realism, which attempted to entertain readers by giving an unbiased, legitimate view of life in East Germany. It chronicles the journey of Rita as she makes her way from her small East Germany commune to the big city in the West for some factory experience. Along the way, Rita understands that the traditional values of the East far outweigh the more modern, less moral ways of western society. Wolf’s Divided Heaven shows the reader that life in the West is too complex and that true happiness can only be found in the communist East Germany. Divided Heaven begins with Rita and Manfred falling in love when Rita is nineteen. He showed her that she could accept love even when she never thought she could and when she thought it was hopeless to try. Rita “suddenly felt that all her nineteen years, all her wishes, actions, thoughts and dreams, had had only one purpose—to prepare
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her for this moment, for this letter. She felt that she suddenly knew things which she had never learnt. She was certain that nobody before her had ever felt or could ever feel what she now felt” (Wolf 7). In preparation for her career as a teacher, Rita travels into the city where Manfred is from to gain factory experience. The communal work environment inside the factory was to give Rita valuable experience in order to help her with her future career. Manfred was not convinced that Rita would be able to handle such an experience, saying that “she’ll soon find out what it’s like and give up” (Wolf 19). As the novel progresses, the reader learns why Rita ended up in a hospital in the
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essay 5 final - Andrew Bernstein COM L 108.01 Essay 5 Final...

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