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drug legalization rough draft

drug legalization rough draft - Kelsey Demeter WR121...

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Kelsey Demeter WR121 Kilgore Capital Punishment Rough Draft February 18, 2008 Edward Koch: How we can value the human life “Why are we being lectured on morality by cold-blooded killers?” By opening his essay with the views of the death penalty by death-row inmates Edward Koch lures the reader in and keeps their attention. While the rest of his essay is filled with emotion and knowledge of the facts, not witty banter, it is still equally engrossing. Edward Koch is a democratic supporter of the death penalty. He has been in public service for 22 years as congressman, district leader, councilman and mayor of New York for 11 years. His essay, ‘ Death and Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life ’ was published in The New Republic in April of 1985. In his essay Koch takes on the arguments that are against the death penalty in seven different parts. By splitting them up he can effectively tackle each topic individually. Koch speaks to the reader in a tone that says he wants to do what is right by the law-abiding citizens of the country. He never strays from his position which makes him seem more believable because he isn’t wishy-washy. His attitude toward the subject of the death penalty is that it is right for America. He never lets personal emotions get
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into his topics, but gives examples and statistics that will get to the emotions of the reader. The way in which Koch organizes his essay into topics helps his position. He begins by tackling words that are used to
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drug legalization rough draft - Kelsey Demeter WR121...

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