Lecture 3 1-30-08 - Etruscan influence- has columns all way...

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Etruscan Art- Italy 8.1: Reconstruction of the Temple of Apollo at Veii, c. 515-490 BC Etruscan temple plan- Greek influence- columns only on the front, 3 rooms right next to each other instead of 3 in a row, triangular pediment Wattle and daub construction- frame made of stick with mud laid over them 8.3: Apollo of Veii, from Veii, c. 515-490 BC Terra-cotta- clay Strut- used to support the statue 8.2: Capitoline Wolf, c. 500 BC, Bronze Ancient Rome I Chronology of Roman dates: Foundation of Rome 753 BC Roman Monarchy 753-509 BC Roman Republic 509-31 BC Roman Empire 31 BC- 5th century AD 9.14a/b: Temple of Portunus, Forum Boarium, Rome, Late 2nd Century BC
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Unformatted text preview: Etruscan influence- has columns all way around but the ones in front are only free standing, has one room that you have to approach from the front See 9.1: Architectural innovations: Arches Keystone Voussoir Spandrel Vaults Barrel vault Groin vault Domes Drum Concrete Veneers 9.13: Pont-du-Gard Aqueduct, Nimes, France, 16 BC Late Republic/Early Empire: Pompey d. 48 BC Julius Caesar 102-44 BC Octavian (Augustus) d. 14 AD 9.31: Augustus of Prima Porta, 14 AD, marble Augustan Propaganda 9.18: Ara Pacis Augustae, 13-9 BC, marble tracery 9.19: Procession, south side of Ara Pacis...
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Lecture 3 1-30-08 - Etruscan influence- has columns all way...

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