A Defense of the Death Penalty

A Defense of the Death Penalty - TA the argument for...

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A Defense of the Death Penalty - There is an ancient tradition going back to biblical times, that a fitting punishment for murder is the execution of the murderer. - “Eye for an eye” - “let the punishment fit the crime” The Argument from Retribution Grocer stories in the beginning of the chapter - Human beings have dignity as self-conscious rational agents who are able to act morally - It is their moral goodness and innocence that bestow dignity and right to life on them - Intentionally taking the life of an innocent human being is so evil that the perpetrator forfeits his own right to life. - He or she deserves to die TA: People who do things such as rape and murder a 9 year old girl, they deserve to die right TA: He is going to argue against the abolitionists who say that life in jail is enough
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Unformatted text preview: TA: the argument for retribution is the idea that human beings have dignity and once you intentionally take the life of a innocent person you forfeit your right to life-The retributivist holds three propositions: o The guilty deserve to be punished o Only the guilty deserve to be punished o The guilty deserve to be punished in proportion to the severity of their crime-Malicious acts such as those committed by Tim McVeigh or Ted Bundy, deserve a worse punishment but at a minimum, the death penalty seems warranted-Retribution or Revenge?-People do feel a sense of outrage and anger that must be addressed-The death penalty is necessary to satisfy the public’s need for justice-If society fails to act, the public will resort to vigilantism...
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