Vivisection day 3

Vivisection day 3 - Thesis"Abolitionism and"Anything Goes...

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Thesis: - “Abolitionism” and “Anything Goes” arguments are too extreme – rather a middle position is the correct one Abolitionism - All experiments on animals must be stopped immediately - No matter if: o Invasive or not o However far advanced the experiment is o Likelihood of eventual success o No matter how good the benefits would be Objections to Abolitionism: - It cannot bear the weight put upon it (requires to strong an argument). - Regular moral rights isn’t strong enough to get the desired outcome – Humans’ needs might still outweigh them. - So, for Regan, rights trump general welfare. If animals have rights, their rights are on the same level as humans. - So what’s the problem with such a strong view? T: what does Regan say about this? Student: There is a different moral value and you cant put full moral value on humans T: He says that later but right now he talks about cooking the broth. . which I don’t understand. .. T: What does he say about this argument, which has very strong principles T: he says: Non-Falsifiability - The mark of a good scientific law is its falsifiability T: Just because its falsifiable, that does not mean its false, it just means there could be a way to prove it wrong Anything Goes: - We may do whatever we like to animals - (Probably excludes things like excessive cruelty, torture, wanton slaughter) - Anything is alright as long as there is some good that outweighs the suffering that is caused
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Objection to Anything Goes: 1. What it means to “outweigh” is contentious, and disagreed upon even by supporters of testing 2. It entails that animals do not matter at all, morally a. But in the research community, we have many guidelines and rules
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Vivisection day 3 - Thesis"Abolitionism and"Anything Goes...

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