Guide to Topics From The Text Spring 2013 4th Edition Kroenke

Guide to Topics From The Text Spring 2013 4th Edition Kroenke

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Unformatted text preview: s below, this chapter will not be emphasized in the exam. • Basic components: know terminology so you can use it. For example, if something refers to hardware, you should know what hardware means, but not how various devices work. • Bits & bytes • Cloud computing • Vertical vs. horizontal market applications • Clients/ servers There will be no questions about operating systems, virtualization, firmware, open source, or computer budgeting. CIS 2010 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS Chapter 5: Database Processing • Database, file, record, field (ie., data item) • Relation; relationships (1:1; 1:m; m:1; m;m). (disregard cardinality and normalization) • Entities • Data model; entity relationship data model; attributes (i.e., data items) • Key • Data administrator & data administration • Data base—enterprise, pe...
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