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Margaret Little: The Moral Permissibility of Abortion
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Margaret Little – The Moral Permissibility of Abortion Thesis – Abortion is Morally permissible, Widely Decent, and can be Honorable Extreme view 1. Abortion kills a person with full moral status 2. Killing someone with full moral status is immoral a. Therefore, abortion is immoral Some problems with the extreme view argument - it doesn’t live up to our intuitions - we feel a greater sense of loss at a later, rather than an earlier miscarriage - Greater priority to childhood diseases over miscarriages o So, Even though it deserves some regard, a fetus is too far removed from the paradigmatic notion of a person Some more problems (moral theory/ extreme view) - granting status at one time or another seems ad hoc* - that assumes a metaphysics of discreet stages of moral rights o The Solution – Expand our notions beyond rights, to notions of value that exist along a continuum *ad hoc – (to this) improvised, impromptu, formed for some purpose Another argument we’ll look at (Telos Argument)
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