Mahaffy Cache Article

the artifacts that showed animal protein residues

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Unformatted text preview: acts were shipped to the anthropology Professor Robert Yohe of the Laboratory of Archaeological Science at California State, Bakersfield for protein residue tests that were funded by Mahaffy. The protein residue on the artifacts was tested against various animal anti- sera, a procedure similar to standard allergy tests and which can narrow positive reactions down to specific mammalian families, but not to genera or species. "I was somewhat surprised to find mammal protein residues on these tools, in part because we initially suspected that the Mahaffy Cache might be ritualistic rather than a utilitarian," said Yohe. "There are so few Clovis- age tool caches that have been discovered that we really don't know very much about them.' While the quality and patterns on several of the artifacts resemble Clovis stonework, "...
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