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Discovered in may 2008 by brant turney head of a

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Unformatted text preview: woolly mammoth, dire wolves, short- faced bears, saber- toothed cats, woolly rhinos and giant ground sloths. While some scientists speculate ice- age mammals disappeared as a result of overhunting, climate change or even the explosion of a wayward asteroid, the reasons are still unresolved, Bamforth said. The Mahaffy Cache consists of 83 stone implements ranging from salad plate- sized, elegantly crafted bifacial knives and a unique tool resembling a double- bitted axe to small blades and flint scraps. Discovered in May 2008 by Brant Turney - - head of a landscaping crew working on the Mahaffy property - - the cache was unearthed with a shovel under about 18 inches of soil and was packed tightly into a hole about the size of a large shoebox. It appeared to have been untouched for thou...
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