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790-357 1-30-08 - 1-30-08 Comp poli econ Workers have...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-30-08 Comp poli econ Workers have greater job protection in Europe In Europe early 1900s: - Democratic class compromise bargain was that workers pretty much abandon their socialist capitalism. They would accept idea that economy should be based on private property - Private capital said if you would accept private property we would accept a tax structure that allows for extensive welfare protections Globalization Trade in goods and services Trade in financial capital o FDI o Portfolio Background Bretta Wods system (1945-1970) Liberalize trade in goods and services Restrict flow of capital by tying economies to dollar Breakdown of system 1970s Loss of credibility of dollar standard Marshall Plan, NATO European recovery and dollar surpluses Accelerated by: o Oil shock o Emerging markets o Technology ...
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