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11.28.2005 Civilization addresses our needs Freud’s question- why do humans form families- SEX The sense of smell becomes subordinated to vision Pg 54 footnote Primitive family is ruled by its strongest member o Father does not stay in charge for long, this is where the state comes in o The formation of the family is the expression of the sexual urge Law is more civilized than brute force Death instinct o What Freud believes he discovered in man- aggression doesn’t come only in response to confrontation, but it is inborn and natural Man is a wolf to man- as if we were in part raised by wolves
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Unformatted text preview: • Aggression is everywhere • Guilt is the superego abuse of the ego • Bad intentions are related with bad actions o We cannot hide these actions from the superego o The superego punishes where the law doesn’t • Even when we haven’t done anything we can still feel guilty • Id- unconscious instinctual drives- I want • Ego- conscious/subconscious- mediates between id and superego-“ich” interacts with external world • Super-ego- conscience punishes ego • Eros- life, love, libidinal urges...
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