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essay prompts for midterm - the people The people own it...

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1) How does Locke define property? It means more than just material possessions 2) What is the significance of the term "fiduciary trust" in Locke's argument? He is using an economic model for his scheme of government because everything is done with the use of contracts. It deals with the issue of inheritance vs. fiduciary. People give some of their power to the government in trust but overall, all the power comes from
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Unformatted text preview: the people. The people own it, but the government runs it. 3) What is women's place in Locke's civil society? Women play a major role in family. They also all play equal roles in their families but have no role in political issues. Women enter a civil society by having a family. Their consent is under their husband or their fathers. They have no “independent action.”...
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