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How does style convey or oppose meaning in Equiano’s image of himself? Logic is an aspect of style Meaning- his argument, what he advocates, what he is claiming, what he is saying is true Role, identity, subjectivity Role- Subjectivity- internal experience Identity- where role and subjectivity meet Equiano is not speaking in his own voice Text and speaker Official ideology of the text The general big theme to connect the three words to what we are doing in the papers How is the individual and quirky voice coming through with a big set of religious and societal beliefs.
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Unformatted text preview: 5 senses in literature • Us vs. them, Christian vs. non-Christian---- used to describe • Out of Pauline Christianity, it forms the rest of the New Testament. • These oppositions are used to justify slavery • What has come out of this grouping of Christianity- used by Pauline that we are all of one blood. “We are all of Christ” • Paul’s writings used in two ways o Support slavery o Oppose slavery o Sense of universality • Equiano is not saying we are all of Christ in a subjective way, it is his ROLE speaking •...
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