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Do the political exercises of St. Ignatius for 24 hours (instructions in class today) based on pg 137 143 write 1 page email it by next wed at 9 pm Look at paintings for Fridays class, I will email you Thursday @ 3pm with website info. Red Cendoxus and be prepared to write a paragraph (automatic credit) for 15 minutes on class on Friday Difference between appearance and reality Learning- knowledge has no value unless is specifically to serve God Difference between Church and God (Church and Theology) - object to corruption as a Church as an institution. Humanism can be misleading. Directs everything onto yourself. How do you read Equiano in relation to Loyola- Experience Equiano is experiencing with all your senses. Construct own image.
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Unformatted text preview: Imitation vs. inspiration- expression creativity novelty o Saw with my inner eye- visual imagination from shifting from copying to creating something new o Middle ages to the renaissance o Before Loyola after Loyola o Dont have to leave empathy behind Secularize in order to create own image of human goodness in order to help souls or other people With my inner eye- living the allegorization Pg 137-142- sins, prayer, god our lord, his divine majesty Imaginary friend- absolute and purest good, Christ our lord, our lady 48- Resurrection (good surprises), Christ, 50- Sin of angels (pride) Pride in a secular sense 51- Sin of Adam and Eve (someone making a huge mistake=...
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