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5.15.2006 The U.S. imitated roman structure to create a sense of imperialistic power Superiority of Gothic- nostalgia for ideal Christian past, still working for the good of the people. They were anonymous buildings that lifted them up to God, but he didn’t want it to be Catholic. The leaned more toward Anglican medieval architecture. “El Caballito” o 24 four ton o Only monument left o Moved it and exiled it but still used it from outside the center of the city
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Unformatted text preview: o It becomes the most innovated point of the city by giving an opportunity to give monuments to itself o Propagandist • Speed of movement + light = film o Very large movie theatres that functions all day long on both sides of the screen o Showed how to dialogue an international discourse, immediate and direct from other cultures • It starts with destruction of a house an allegorical family, read in discourse of building Mexican architecture...
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